Join the Team

We’re hiring! Agile Defense is looking for qualified personnel to support the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) Global Enterprise Fabric (GEF) contract to provide the best technical support and innovative solutions for our warfighters.

Positions Available

ERP/Business Analyst – Senior/Project Scheduler

Tools & Automation Lead

Tools Manager

Automation Manager

System Engineer – Senior

SharePoint/Metalogix/Database Capability Manager

SharePoint Lead

SharePoint Administrator – Senior

SharePoint Administrator – Senior

SharePoint Administrator – Intermediate

SharePoint Administrator – Associate

Metalogix Administrator – Senior

Metalogix Administrator – Intermediate

Database Administrator – Senior

Virtualization Manager

Virtualization Lead

Virtualization Administrator – Senior

Virtualization Administrator – Intermediate

Virtualization Administrator – Associate

Network Lead

Network Administrator – Senior

Network Administrator – Intermediate

Network Administrator – Associate

COMSEC Administrator – Senior

COMSEC Administrator – Intermediate

Systems Capability Manager

Server Lead

ITSM Manager



Server Administrator – Senior

Server Administrator – Intermediate

Server Administrator – Associate

IA Lead/RMF Administrator – Senior

IA Administrator – Senior

IA Administrator – Intermediate

GEF-M Capability Manager

GEF-M Administrator – Senior

GEF-M Administrator – Intermediate

GEF-M Administrator – Associate

Battle Captain Lead

Battle Captain

IMO Lead

IMO Administrator – Senior

IMO Administrator – Intermediate

IMO Administrator – Associate

Access Manager – Senior

Access Manager- Intermediate

Documentation Clerk/Configuration Management Specialist

Configuration Manager

Configuration Management Specialist – Intermediate

Change Manager

Change Management Specialist – Intermediate

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance Specialist – Intermediate

Disaster Recovery/COOP Administrator

System Administrator – Senior (OCONUS)

System Administrator – Senior